Poetry Frauds


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Received lately from Hilary Fender, admistrator for: Beth’s Poetry Trail, inside Belper, Derbyshire.

Poetry Frauds

My name is Jeffrey Michael Miller plus I’m the writer of the poetry book entitled ” From The Inside Out ” by Publishamerica. I wish To take this time to speak regarding several self furnished poetry guru’s whom freely hand out misleading info. Many of they which I won’t mention by name parade about about each site plus forum they could discover expressing all their tips plus notions regarding the globe of poetry whilst they themselves are the items they are caution we the visitors regarding.

These same folks that provide we info for you to become effective inside the planet of poetry are nobodies themselves with bad reputations which are recorded about sites about the web to be frauds for the many element. Some of they have been accused of stealing the function of others plus they have been ostracized plus disowned by their own publishers however they nevertheless come about websites like this hiding the truth regarding themselves plus creating it look to we the reader like they are lucrative plus popular poets with wise plus useful info.

Do oneself a big favor plus disregard they dishing out this trash information when struggling to create different poetry groups plus companies look bad inside the procedure. Why a few of they are thus rather mad plus spew this form of nonsense is considering they have not earned 1 single honor or recognition within the companies they are struggling to ruin the standing of. Their work wasn’t enjoyed to be sufficient to merit a recognition or honor inside the free planet thus they create their own forums with terrible reputations for all types of abuses plus nonsense to be spread throughout the poetry planet like a bad virus.

They honor themselves poet of the month about their own forums plus it’s completely laughable plus they do this considering nobody else might honor them poet of the month when they didn’t do it themselves. Should you took the time to look into a few of these names you’d discover case following case of allegations against them thus analysis the source of these poetry articles before we hear to the words of they.

These individuals logroll plus review 1 another’s books inside attempt to look favored plus their book sales come from 1 another with small interest within the general public.They sell to their own forum members that are misleaded into thinking they are prominent poets whenever they are inside fact laughing stalks of the art.

Don’t be tricked with a snake dressed up inside bunny rabbits clothing my neighbors plus look into the source of the poetry info you’re receiving considering the trash from thus called poets available is rampant. Self promotion plus delusions of grandure are truly the only elements they certainly learn about plus poetry is far off their knowledge base.

If we like to hear to folks that name themselves poet of the month about their own forums then please go ahead plus do thus however, to me it stinks plus is far from legitimate. Simply remember which I warned we whenever we finally understand whom you’re reading info from.

Always take time to learn the source before we receive wrapped up inside someone’s very plus deceitful words. The poeple pointing fingers inside fact ought to be pointing to themselves plus not deceiving the visitors. If it walks plus talks like a poetry duck my neighbors then indeed it’s a duck.


5 thoughts on “Poetry Frauds

  1. The claw
    Of the magnolia,
    Drunk on its own scents,
    Asks nothing of life.

    The entire poem is here.


    It happens. Will it go on? —-
    My mind a rock,
    No fingers to grip, no tongue,
    My god the iron lung

    That loves me, pumps
    My two
    Dust bags in and out,
    Will not

    Let me relapse
    While the day outside glides by like ticker tape.
    The night brings violets,
    Tapestries of eyes,

    The soft anonymous
    Talkers: ‘You all right?’
    The starched, inaccessible breast.

    Dead egg, I lie
    On a whole world I cannot touch,
    At the white, tight

    Drum of my sleeping couch
    Photographs visit me-
    My wife, dead and flat, in 1920 furs,
    Mouth full of pearls,

    Two girls
    As flat as she, who whisper ‘We’re your daughters.’
    The still waters
    Wrap my lips,

    Eyes, nose and ears,
    A clear
    Cellophane I cannot crack.
    On my bare back

    I smile, a buddha, all
    Wants, desire
    Falling from me like rings
    Hugging their lights.

    The claw
    Of the magnolia,
    Drunk on its own scents,
    Asks nothing of life.

    Sylvia Plath

  2. So I’m auditioning for “The Voice” this month. And I’m so excited.. but super nervous at the same time, because I’ve never auditioned for anything this big before. And I have no idea what to sing.. because you need five songs prepared (2 on the first day, 3 on the second for call backs if I get a call back)… but here’s my plan

    1st day I’ll sing these songs:

    -Fearless: Taylor Swift

    -Time of Your Life (Green Day)

    2nd Day:

    -Free to Be Me: (I don’t know if you’ve heard of this song, but it’s by Francesca Battistelli and the lyrics match me perfectly, part of the lyrics are “Gotta couple dents in my fenders/gotta couple rips in my jeans/trying to fit the pieces together/but perfection is my enemy/on my own I’m so clumsy/but on your shoulders I can see, I’m free to be me” and those lyrics are so me.. because perfection is my enemy and it’s also not a very known song so I think that’s good.

    -Someone’s watching over Me: Hilary duff ( I can sing this perfectly)

    -Teenage Dream: Katy Perry

  3. I went online to get some attention,
    to be the star for a moment or two
    I told you what was rolling round my head
    amid the insularity and poop jokes
    and those who go on about honesty.

    You said I just wanted attention – check
    you asked who the hell was I? – check
    you said my opinion was worthless – check
    you falsely accuse me of insulting you -check
    you honestly jump on every band wagon -check

    Lynch mobs are not know for:
    vying to maintain their anonymity
    displaying great depths of humility
    valuing divergent opinions and thoughts
    taking care how others feel
    or getting their story straight

    Some gentle folk of Yahoo Poetry
    beloved by all, questioned by none
    might find a shoe in their size here
    If they stopped stomping
    their feet long enough.

  4. I have a blog that I avidly post my poetry to. I’ve recently become concerned with it being stolen. Is there anything I can do to prevent people from stealing it and claiming it is there original work and not mine? It’s a tumblr blog by the way.

  5. ” All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of

    imagination and
    poetry “.

    ( Edgar Allan Poe )
    Angel. For some, Buddhism is a religion for others it is a philosophy or a culture. but nevertheless it´s a non-theist culture or religion …
    OK. Rick from now on I´ll take your advice…..
    JelFlyn…. did I? Did I post a quote??? … really!!!!!!!???

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